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Bay Area Dog Training Services

Dog Training & Boarding Services

Whether within the Bay Area or not, most dog trainers set up a training schedule that works for them, then ask clients to adjust their schedules to fit within it. Tri-Valley K9 Services is different. We work together with you to set up dog training at a frequency and intensity that works for your needs, to get results as quickly or as slow-and-steady as you desire, based on the amount of time you have to spend working with your four-legged friend.

Since all our pet dog training options involve individual lessons—which include Felix, your dog, and (possibly) you—whichever dog training framework you choose, you’ll be making the swiftest progress possible, and your pet will be learning behaviors that are transferable regardless of whom they are with or the setting they are in.

Customizable Options
During your initial Solutions Session, Felix will discuss with you which of our two general dog training programs best fits your needs. You’ll then work out a personalized plan to reach your goal(s) and/or resolve your dog’s issue(s)—via positive methods, for results that last the life of your dog!

Fast, effective, professional dog training

Fast, effective, professional dog training

Boarding & Training

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Doggy Boot Camp is a two week or a four-week, intense professional dog training and boarding program—followed by a series of handler sessions—that is the perfect option for people who have little time to devote to training a dog or those who are going on vacation and want their dog trained when they return (in other words, the ultimate dog boarding experience!) With Doggy Boot Camp, Felix takes your furry family member into his home for an intensive, four-week complete dog behavior overhaul.

The Process
While your dog is boarded at Felix’s home, he or she is trained two to three times daily: in the home, outside, near shopping centers, and around other dogs, squirrels, people, cars, etc. In other words, we introduce your dog to as many different circumstances as possible; between dog training sessions, your pet will have playtime, snacks, walks, and oodles of affection.

At the end of the dog training and boarding period, Felix will give you the first handler lesson when he drops off your dog. At this time, you will schedule a series of handler sessions (again, of a duration and frequency that suits your needs), during which Felix will come to your house and teach you how to work with your dog. Tri-Valley K9 Services dog training insists on these follow-up sessions to make the pet training long lasting and effective—as we always say, dog training is less about teaching your dog and more about teaching you how to handle him.

To take part in Doggy Boot Camp, your dog must meet the following criteria:

• Parvovirus
• Distemper
• Parainfluenza
• Bordetella (kennel cough)

• Monthly flea preventative
• Monthly tick preventative

Protection & Security Training

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There is simply no other protection dog training better than what we provide.

Felix Sunga is world renown for his ability to train some of the most difficult to train protection dogs. His work is simply the best protection dog training in the Sacramento area, if not all of California. His dynamic cutting edge training is easy to understand, and as a result, maximizes every repetition. Don’t waste your time on the rest. Get your dog evaluated today!

If you are interested in protection dog training or sport dog training, Felix Sunga and his crew of decoys can put you over top. As Training Director for BARC, the oldest functioning ring sport club in the continental United States, you will be working with some of the best decoys in the industry. Felix is credited for teaching some young up and coming handlers and decoys, making a mark in the dog training world. Felix’s work with various law enforcement officers, in the Bay Area, has propelled K9 handler teams and private trainers into another level of advanced K9 training. Felix’s credentials are incomparable, bar none!

Some of the largest protection dog companies use my name for training to advance their own endeavors.
All dogs are required to have an evaluation prior to commencing your personalized training program.

If you’re interested in training your dog for protection go where the pro’s go!

Difficult Dog Training

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Basic Obedience—our most popular program for training a dog—involves a series of individual dog training sessions, which take place at your home and include Felix, your dog, and you (as well as any other caretakers who wish to take part in the training). In these hands-on and highly focused sessions, Felix works with your dog to achieve basic obedience, but more importantly, he teaches you how to ensure the behaviors stick once he’s not around.

The Process
With most of the dog training done on-leash, Felix teaches you how to work with your dog. Only positive methods are used (you will never spank or yell at your pet), correction is done sparingly and with kindness, intimidation is absolutely avoided, and copious amounts of praise and love are used to reinforce desired behavior. You choose the frequency and duration of Basic Obedience dog training sessions, based on your schedule, goals, and Felix’s professional recommendations.

To take part in Basic Obedience dog training, your dog must meet the following criteria:
• Be at least four months of age

Any trainer who “guarantees” a certain result is not only lying, they are violating their profession’s code of ethics. According to the guidelines of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), professional dog trainers should, “Refrain from giving guarantees regarding the outcome of training, because there is no sure way to guarantee the cooperation and performance of all parties involved…”

There is simply no other protection dog training better than what we provide

There is simply no other protection dog training better than what we provide