In this blog post we discuss Puppy Housebreaking Tips for Elk Grove and Sacramento County dog owners by Felix Sunga. So in this I hope I can help you reinforce your knowledge on the subject and check back soon for more information. We look forward to providing dog and puppy training tips, tricks and success stories, and dog boarding and training services Elk Grove and Sacramento County. If you ever would like specific information featured in this blog, just reach out to us directly.

Here are a few basics help get you started:

1) Typically, most puppies will always urinate  first thing in the morning. After your puppy pees he should then be fed. Within 20 minutes after feeding, your puppy will more than likely defecate as well as urinate again. So you should allow ample time for this to happen. So for those of you who work in the morning allow plenty of time for your puppy to relieve himself.

2) After any activity rigorous or prolonged play. You’ll notice sometimes with a young puppy they’ll in the middle of playing will squat to relieve themselves. Pay attention to these moments and while your puppy is doing his business start associating a command to the action.

3) After any prolonged sleeping periods your puppy will almost always have to urinate. Make sure to be mindful of times between going to the bathroom to make sure you are allowing them to get outside and urinate. They will learn to control their bladder as they get older.

4) Quite often before bed time you should take your dog out one last time. If they do not go right away, give them the needed time to make it happen. Your home and carpets will thank you.

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