Demanding behavior and higher criteria are words that I constantly talk about in the world of dog training. They push every competitor to achieve standards higher than the next. Coming from a sport background, almost all of the trainers that work on their competition dogs demand an extreme amount of precision. They spend many hours and many repetitions perfecting routines in a quest to walk onto the competition field. Day in and day out, the constant struggle to maintain and create a new approach for a new command is truly the beauty. The new day adage “you have to grind to shine” is one of those sayings that describes the journey to the competition field. The willingness to stand before judgement, to meet the standards set forth by rules and maintaining criteria can be one of the most intimidating experiences any handler will face. Sacramento Dog Training has made leaps and bounds with many new trainers coming from this school of thought.

For most dog owners in todays world, the competition field is a place they would never find themselves. But the competition field and our home environment draw many parallels. The standard behaviors Sit, Down, Heel, Come and Stay are the same exact commands performed on the field, as the ones practiced in your home. The criteria at home are often times more difficult to maintain because of the many varying circumstances. Depending on the household and the challenges facing the trainer, often times, a completely different set of skills are required. Because of the many variables, the demand for determined behavior requires just as high a criteria if not more, leaving the inexperienced trainer at a loss.

One of the biggest challenges facing the new handler/owner is understanding that training starts immediately upon entry of their new home. Often times the new dog is given “free reign” of the household. This is where consulting with an expert dog trainer could address, as well as, anticipate possible difficulties. A professional trainer can give you advice specifically engineered for your dog. Address your concerns as soon as you notice them. Leaving bad behaviors to fester can quickly snowball into serious issues. Cutting edge dog training in Sacramento is available as quickly as you can type dog training in the Google search bar. Don’t wait, ¬†your dog needs all the expert help he can get!