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Tri Valley Dog Boarding and Training

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer fast, effective professional dog training that is a positive experience, is reliable in real-world situations, and lasts for the life of the dog. Popular Northern California dog trainer Felix Sunga, and our team, work with all levels of behavior issues in dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes; however, we are sought out for our success with large, difficult-to-train, and/or hard-to-handle dogs, or those described as “failing” previous dog training attempts. Although our methods are dog-centered and 100% humane, in the world of dog training, we are known as the final stop for disobedient dogs.

What makes Tri-Valley K9 Services different from other dog training services?

We are proud to have helped over 1,000 satisfied clients! We have exceeded the expectations of so many dog owners because we are a unique breed among professional dog training services.

Fast, effective, professional dog training

Fast, effective, professional dog training

Tri-Valley K9 Services Training

We differ from other dog training options in three primary respects:

Completely Customizable Dog Training
All dogs are different. As are all owners. Everyone has their own goals and grievances, time frame, schedule, budget, and level of skill in working with their dog. So while we offer three basic programs for Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area dog owners, each is completely customizable to fit the needs of you and your pet. We’ll work with you to devise a solution that involves you in the training as much or as little as you prefer…in other words, you’re in control of the pace, frequency, and even the method used to train your dog.

Expertise in Training Difficult Dogs
Everyone loves a puppy: They’re cute, cuddly, and a completely clean slate. So puppy dog training is often easier, with many trainers finding older, larger, and more stubborn dogs too much of a challenge. Not us! We are known for our success in training dogs described as “impossible to train,” “out of control,” “aggressive,” or “totally disobedient.”

Head trainer Felix Sunga is not just another pet dog training expert; he is an award-winning competitive obedience trainer, skilled at dog training, who has traveled the U.S. competing professionally to obtain the highest level of canine obedience. Given his expertise in dog training, his accomplishments in competitive obedience, and our history of reforming the baddest of bad boys (and girls), just imagine what we can do with your average leash-puller or potty training problem!

Real-World Dog Training Results
Our motto is, “We get results!” Unlike many dog training professionals—both Sacramento dog trainers and others around the country—we are not committed to any one type of dog training technique. We are knowledgeable in a wide range of dog training methodologies, the pros and cons of each, and which works best in specific situations. Therefore, we do what it takes—short of scaring your dog or breaking his spirit of course—to get results that are long lasting and reliable in the real world; we work with you to select the type of dog training that suits your pet and your preferences.

Award Winning Dog Trainer Felix Sunga

Before Felix ever acquired a dog, his fascination for animals began with his acute observation of all creatures and their behavior. No one knew that this early observation of animals and people would set the tone for his future. At the age of 16, Felix was granted permission from his parents to acquire a dog. But, before acquiring his dog, Felix did extensive research on the breed which interested him the most, the rottweiler.

With the purchase of many books and magazines pertaining to the breed. He familiarized himself with all the titles following many of the imported European dogs. Namely, the schutzhund titles. Once Felix had enough money to acquire his dog, he purchased a dog imported from Germany, a puppy named Kato. Once his puppy arrived the passion for training began.

Over a period of 2 years Felix trained his dog and attained his Schutzhund 1 title. During these times Felix also learned how to read dogs and develop aggression in protection dogs. With these skills, he began to acquire more repetitions from some of the best dog handler teams in America, many of which went on to compete on an international level.

In 1998, Felix interviewed for a job at the San Francisco SPCA Hearing Dog Program.
When he began, his abilities to train dogs to a high level came to the forefront and were evidenced by his ability train his demo dog very quickly. Within 2 months of his employment his demo dog “Whimsy” became a Star in the world of Hearing Dogs. At this time, Felix completely re-vamped a hearing dog training system that once took 6 months to complete was now 2 months from completion to end. He also, improved the rescue dog to serviceable hearing dog ratio from 35% to an all time high of 77%.

Currently Felix is busy developing new trainers and handlers thru his club which was founded in 1999. Throughout these few years Felix has taken not only himself to the Championships but also, many of his club mates often finishing on the podium with their dogs. In 2009 Felix took his dog “River” to the Regional Championships finishing 1st overall Ring 2 competitors. That same year Felix took River to the National Championships finally placing 2nd overall.

Felix has also provided his dog training expertise to help rescue organizations around the San Francisco Bay Area develop sound training and kennel practices.

How Do I Get Started with Dog Training?

Get started with personalized dog training by following three simple steps:

Step #1: Send Felix an email at Trivalleyk9@gmail.com, request information online here or call 650.270.1033

Step #2: After you have signed up online, call us to schedule a specific time for your Solutions Session (or we’ll call you within 24 hours)

Step #3: Relax in knowing that you have found a professional dog training service that gets results using positive methods, customized to best fit your needs, goals, schedule, and budget

What Is a Solutions Session and What Does It Include?
Tri-Valley K9 Services is not like other Bay Area dog training services. We get long-lasting results with all types of dogs in Northern California and are known as the last stop for disobedient dogs—because we offer dog training customizable to you and your pet.

Because of this, all our training options begin by scheduling a Solutions Session.

The Solutions Session is an approximately one-hour dog training and assessment session conveniently conducted at your home, in your dog’s natural surrounding. During this session, our training director, Felix Sunga, will observe, evaluate, interact with, and offer on-the-spot basic solutions for your dog’s issue(s). Scheduled to suit your needs—weekdays, weekends, or evenings—this initial meeting enables Felix to do three things:

1. Assess your dog’s or puppy’s behavior and discuss your goals
2. Perform a single dog training session, which includes providing you with several basic tips, techniques, and solutions to help manage your pet’s issue(s)…immediately
3. Collaborate with you and—should you decide to proceed with further training—identify which customizable dog training program is the best fit for you and your dog

The fee for the Solutions Session is a one-time charge of $125.00. Since you will learn basic solutions on the spot, the choice is yours whether to pursue additional dog training with Beyond the Leash to reverse more ingrained obedience problems. Should you decide to sign up for Doggy Boot Camp in the future, the fee for the Solutions Session will be applied to this service…making this initial session absolutely free!

Don’t wait to get started!

There is simply no other protection dog training better than what we provide

There is simply no other protection dog training better than what we provide